Questions Answered

What is the purpose of this initiative?

To identify Core solutions to the spectrum of Life-harming issues.

Why is this service a 'unique' approach?

It is the first to offer Core solutions of this nature to the public.

How are they generated?

Specialist Consultancies identify them.

Why is this a 'first' for such an approach?

Core understandings are not usually identified in public.

Why is this approach rare?

The biases of vested interests usually preclude their release.

How can I help to 'boost' existing progress?

By helping with resources.

What resources?

Adequate funding; people-skills to deliver; managerial skills to drive it.

Additional to the management, what specific skills are needed?

IT, PR, PA, marketing and fund-raising.

What options are there to assist funding needs?

From donating to investing to sponsoring to grant-aiding and through to purchasing services.

What levels of Consultancy are available?

From introductory output to highest-possible expertise.

How can I assist?

Please make initial Contact

Additional information is available at ''